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Reliable, low maintenance remote controlled systems

Novoferm Remote Control Systems offer reliability, low maintenance and, thanks to built-in DC motors, extremely quiet operation.

Whether your door is a steel Up & Over or an insulated Sectional Garage Door, automatic force monitoring ensures a high level of safety and security.

When you choose a Novomatic ceiling mounted operator, you choose Novoferm premium quality based on state of the art technology.

Novomatic operators are perfectly matched to all Novoferm garage doors and certified to the latest European safety guidelines.

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Novomatic Operators

Novoferm Novomatic 403S
Novomatic 403S

Economical introductory operator for doors up to 5m wide with a maximum 10m2 surface, with a maximum speed of 17cm/s.

Novoferm Novomatic 553S
Novomatic 553S

Designed for up and over and sectional, the ultra-reliable, near silent belt drive operator incorporates a light and quick release.

Novoferm Novomatic 803S
Novomatic 803S

A powerful operator ideal for all doors, including solid timber and wicket doors, with a maximum speed of 22cm/s.

Wall Keypad and Key Switches

Novoferm Novomatic Remote Control Keypad
Novoferm Novomatic Key Switches

Hand Transmitters

Novoferm Novomatic Hand Transmitters

Other Accessories

Novoferm LED Lighting Kit

LED Lighting Kit

Novoferm Emergency Unlocking Kit

Emergency Unlocking Kit

Novoferm Solar Panels

Solar Panels