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Remote control for AlluGuard

Automated as standard, the features of the AlluGuard77 and AlluGuard55 garage door systems are already at a luxury level.

To further enhance day-to-day use this range of control options provides extra flexibility.

All AlluGuard garage doors come with the following:

  • Rollixo RTS Control Unit
  • 2x Keygo RTS Keyfobs
  • Electrical Safety Edge
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Electric Operators

AlluGuard Rollixo RTS
Rollixo RTS

The Rollixo RTS is the complete solution for automating your garage door and works with the new range of keyfobs and wall switches. With an intergrated courtesy light, front panel door controls and intruder protection alarm.

Safety Edges

AlluGuard Optical Safety Edge
Optical Safety Edge

Our new optical safety edge transmitter works with the new RTS control unit to offer the highest level of safety. Offered as an optional upgrade, the optical safety edge gives you extra peace of mind and safety.

AlluGuard Electrical Safety Edge
Electrical Safety Edge

Fitted as standard to our AlluGuard77 and AlluGuard55 garage doors, the resistive edge ensures that if anything blocks the safe movement of the door it comes to a safe stop before any damage is caused.

Wall Keypads and Key Switches

AlluGuard Smoove Wall Switch Smoove Wall Switch
AlluGuard Secure Metal Keypad - IP54 Secure Metal Keypad (IP54)
AlluGuard Wireless Digital Keypad Wireless Digital Keypad
AlluGuard Radio Wall Switch Radio Wall Switch
AlluGuard Wired Key Switch Wired Key Switch

Hand Transmitters

AlluGuard Hand Transmitters


AlluGuard Standard Receiver - RTS

Standard Receiver RTS

AlluGuard Lighting Slim Receiver - RTS

Lighting Slim Receiver RTS