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Remote control for GlideRol•a•Door

All Gliderol garage doors have a dedicated remote control system. All systems are manufactured by, and are exclusive to Gliderol, giving total control of quality and performance.

The sophisticated range has safety at its heart and reliability built-in. Every system is fully tested and certified for safety.

The GlideRol•a•Door has a choice of remote control systems designed with simplicity in mind.

All systems feature energy-saving circuitry and low consumption stand-by modes. The Glidermatic GTS Optima features low energy LED lighting that is long lasting and environmentally friendly.

Gliderol’s vast experience in roller doors has produced a range of openers that are sold around the world, many with patent protection for their unique design features. Whether you select the factory fitted option or one of the “retro-fit” models, each has the same key elements of reliability and durability.

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Electric Operators

Gliderol Glidermatic GRD

Powering many GlideRol•a•Doors is our world-wide patented operator, the Glidermatic. Found in over fifteen countries, it features up-to-the-minute technologies that monitor and control the door during operation. The motor is housed completely within the door barrel and is factory fitted.

Gliderol Rol-a-matic RW-1

The new Rol•a•Matic RW-1 is a single unit motor and controller suitable for “retro-fitting” to GlideRol•a•Door and most existing single skin steel roller doors. It features a built in courtesy light and spring loaded dis-engage and re-engage cords as standard.

Hand Transmitter

Gliderol Transmitter

Wireless Keypad

Gliderol Wireless Keypad