GRP Panel Doors - low maintenance and long life

The Garador range has been manufactured with your safety and security in mind and as such all of their doors comply with British Standard BS EN 13241.

If you want a great looking, low maintenance door, GRP is the material for you. Considering the combination of long life and low maintenance, they are a sound investment for the future, such is their quality of manufacture and inherent strength.

GRP doors are made as an infill and then fixed into our rigid box section chassis to provide a very stable door construction that will not twist or warp.

Premier GRP doors are provided with a flow-coat to the inside face for a smoother finish and reduced translucency.

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Garador Arden


Garador Arden (with windows)

Arden (with windows)

Garador Ashurst


Garador Ashurst (with windows)

Ashurst (with windows)

Garador Stamford


Garador Stamford (with imitation window)

Stamford (with imitation window)

The look of timber, the benefit of GRP

These classically proportioned doors will integrate equally well into the architecture of both traditional and more modern housing. They are available in any one of nine smart woodgrain finishes and six window options.

The surface finish of the timber effect GRP doors is not only different by colour but also by its underlying appearance. Some designs come in close grain which looks like carefully sanded wood, whilst wide grain has a more rustic character.

Garador Kenmore

Kenmore (medium grain)

Garador Kenmore (with windows)

Kenmore (with windows)

Garador Hazelbury

Hazelbury (medium grain)

Garador Hazelbury (with windows)

Hazelbury (with windows)

Garador Penshurst

Penshurst (wide grain)

Garador Hartfield

Hartfield (wide grain)

Garador Lingfield

Lingfield (close grain)

Garador Swinton

Swinton (medium grain)

Garador Derwent

Derwent (medium grain)