Roller Shutter Doors

The GaraGlide combines a space saving design with the convenience of an electrically operated automatic door. It is a well-engineered, electrically operated roller garage door with a significant cost advantage.

With 77mm high rust resistant aluminium laths, this roller garage door delivers great performance and a lasting design that will work for years to come.

It's compact design means this door is perfect for garages where access to the ceiling is limited or there isn't room for door tracks running back into the garage.

Adlor UK - Garador GaraGlide

AlluGuard is a British owned company manufacturing quality products offering the very best levels of quality backed by a real focus on after sales support.

Superb quality finishes and unique high security rolling and locking systems specifically designed to meet customers needs.

Automated as standard, the features of the AlluGuard77 and AlluGuard55 garage door systems are already at a luxury level.

To further enhance day-to-day use, view their range of control options that provide extra flexibility.

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Gliderol operates the worlds most extensive network of garage door and automation manufacturing companies.

With a second-to-none reputation and offering high quality and outstanding value, Gliderol has the door for you.

The GlideRol•a•Door represents the very best of a refined door design. The Gliderol name is synonymous with roller doors and the GlideRol•a•Door continues to be a highly popular choice today. Totally reliable and robust, the attractive ribbed design is as strong as it is good looking.

GlideRol•a•Door has a choice of remote control systems designed with simplicity in mind. All systems feature energy-saving circuitry and low consumption stand-by modes.

The sophisticated range has safety at its heart and reliability built-in.

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